Painting interior of fiberglass windows?

CWirickOctober 6, 2011

Hi all, long time lurker, first time caller! :) I've narrowed down the window choice for a new home build to Marvin Integrity or Milgard Ultra fiberglass for various reasons, not the least of which is they both come in black (not so for vinyl).

Unfortunately, the Marvins only give you the option of a white interior. Milgard gives you the option of a black interior, but the only quote I've received is literally almost double (???) that of the Marvins. I'm having a hard time getting quotes back from other dealers. I think black on black windows in this market (Utah) just confuses them. :(

I'm not about to pay an extra $8k just to get black on the inside of my windows. I really like the Marvins, but the exterior of my home will have no white or beige and the Marvins might look funny when open. I know fiberglass is said to be "paintable," but has anyone had any success painting a fiberglass window? Is it difficult? There seem to be a lot of nooks and crannies to worry about on the window's interior frame. Are the results acceptable? How's the durability?

Any experience out there would be most helpful. Thanks!

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Not difficult at all. Not altogether dissimilar from painting over a previously painted surface.

Have you looked for an Inline fiberglass dealer? They will paint a window on the interior side and make a very, very, good performing window at a good price. Better performance than the Ultra or the Integrity.

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I tried Inline - no local dealers, meaning no local support. And I imagine the custom color option would be pricey on a window that is already more expensive than the Marvin/Milgard alternative.

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Inline is less expensive in my area but different deals charge different amounts so it is tough to apply some sort of across the board standard.

Sounds to me like you are stuck with the painting option then.

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Late to this post; but I did paint my Milgard fiberglass windows with a sprayer and BM Satin impervo alkyd, and they look great 2 years later. I painted the exterior as well with an acrylic paint (SW) and have no complaints about that either. It's a bit of work but saved a ton of money.

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That is great to hear. We put the black Integrity windows in a garage/shop last year, but you can see the white from the outside and I was thinking about painting them black as well. I must say I tried to "match" their black, which I think is called Ebony, in order to paint the door on the same wall. It is a brownish black instead of a bluish black and it wasn't easy! Ended up using BM Onyx, and it isn't a perfect match, but they are not directly next to each other, so I think it will be OK.

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Hi CWRick-
Our company sells fiberglass windows made by SeriousWindows- So I have some experience with this type of product. I of course would suggest SeriousWindows and would be happy to get you pricing with Black on Black. (
But if you've made a decision for Milgard or Marvin, There is no technical reason that you can paint the frames. One of the advantages of fiberglass is that it is easily paintable. You can mask the glass and the outside and use a sprayer with an exterior grade latex paint.

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3 posts and 2 of them promoting yourself directly or the product you sell.

Probably want to back off the self-promotion a bit if you expect people to take you seriously.

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Serious is out of the question. Too expensive, and they don't offer black (at least not as a standard factory color).

I think we're going to bite the bullet and pay for the upgrade to the factory-painted black interiors. Seems like a lot of work to do it myself. If I had any confidence in the results or longevity of doing it myself, I might attempt it - but I don't, so I won't.

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(We did manage to get the price down from the original $8k difference, BTW.)

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