Vista vinyl windows

gooniechunkOctober 18, 2009

I am in Oklahoma City and am thinking about buying Vista windows, does anyone know if they are a good window? I was told that they are basically the same as the Simonton window but cheaper, any advice would help. I am dealing with Clear Choice who gave me a price of $4224.00 for 11 ea. windows DH with Low-e cubed & argon cubed, u-.30, 1" super spacer, installed, and pulling my old alum. windows. I'm still thinking about looking at the Simonton window and compare them to see if they look the same. I think Simonton and Vista have joined together, but not sure.

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I decided to go with the triple pane Vista with Krypton gas. It has a U .20 and SHGC .25 with Seal Smart Xtreme. I would like to hear some comments about if this is a good window or not. I was quoted $4500.00 total price installed and old windows removed. There are 8 DH and 3 picture windows with colonial grids in all of the 11 windows. Please this a good deal?

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Vinyl window people please respond as to your thoughts on Vista and their triple pane with Krypton gas....

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Does no one have Vista windows or know about them? Any advice will help here.........thanks.

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gooniechunk -- I've been hoping someone would respond, because I'm also in OKC and looking to replace my 1964 original aluminum windows with vinyl single hung. Did you choose Vista over Simonton because of price, or has the merger resulted in Vista replacing Simonton in Oklahoma?

Did you check Champion at all? Their commercials look cheesy, but there have been positive comments about them on this forum.

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I chose Vista over Simonton because of price and they will most likely be made at the same factory by the same people.

I didn't go to Champion because my son said they were high priced and used pressure tactics on him to try and get him to buy their window.

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I don't know anything about Vista (and only what I've read about others), but it sounds like a good price and the U .20 is lower (better) than most I've seen. I get really intense sun in 3 west windows. Does the SHGC .25 remedy that?

I was considering not getting the extra energy efficiency on my east windows, as they are sheltered by my neighbor's house and get only brief morning sun and no direct wind. I want good energy efficiency on the north and south, and wish I could get something extraordinary to address the sun on the west windows.

Your son's experience doesn't shock me at all. I wasn't even going to consider Champion, but people on this forum have said they make good windows. I do like that they sell and install, but they might not be worth the price.

When is your installation? I hope you'll come back here and post your experience. I was really interested in the other thread where you posted. There were posters from OKC, but they didn't let us know what they ended up choosing, and whether they were happy with the choice.

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gooniechunk- I could not tell from your post, but have you had more then 1 quote from one company. I can not speak to the Vista windows but I am big fan of getting at least three quotes on a project like that (on my 5th one now). We looked at both Vinyl and wood windows and one of the vinyl companies was Champion and yes they do use some high pressure at the end of the sales pitch, it was hilarious to watch the salesman go through all of the handwringing and "extra" discounts just to get down to his bottom line good for today only price.

I did like their window though and they have been around for a longtime and they do stand behind their windows well. We had two vinyl quotes and the price from Champion was about the same as the other vinyl company (after all was said and done). The other vinyl company we looked at was more laid back at the end of the visit and pretty much went right to the final price, they are a local company Gilkey.

We have decided to go with wood ourselves.

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I'm just replying to this post because I see several people mention Champion windows. Whatever you do, don't give these people a second thought. 5 years ago I used them for replacing 2 patio doors. It was a disaster from the word go. Busted the transom window above the door during the installation. Took over a week to get them back. I noticed a space with unpainted trim and questioned why the difference. After taking 30 minutes for the guy to say he replaced the dual pane with single pane glass and how it would improved the energy efficiency, I handed him over to my husband. 2 weeks later I get the dual pane transom window replaced. Now 5 years later, the seal in the door has broken. Contacted local Champion office and was informed the sales guy would be contacting me shortly. 3 weeks later, I hear from him. He is in the area and wants to drop by to check the door. I work 30 minutes from my house and had no prior notice he was coming, and I was not able to leave work. He wanted to know if there was a way I could let him in my house, so he could check it out. Informed him, no way and it has been a week since this last interaction and I have heard nothing for a scheduled appointment. I will be contacting him again today. Also the outside door handle is oxidizing and all the finish is just about off. Looks like poop. So I have no love for Champion and would never, ever use them again. Beware.

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