Hand sander recommendations for sanding stair risers

purrusAugust 4, 2009

Hi all,

I usually post in Home Decor but have a quick and urgent question! We are getting all of our hardwood floors refinished starting Thursday and before then I need to sand the risers so I can paint them later. To save money, I'll be sanding and painting those myself, but the pros will sand and stain the treads to match the rest of the floors in the house.

What brand and type of sander (and what grit of sandpaper) do you recommend for this job? I am a musician with carpal tunnel and need to avoid this kind of work by hand, which is why I'm interested in the hand sander option. I looked at the B&D mouse sander, and also at a B&D Cyclone, but that one seemed too good to be true for the money ($49.99). Ryobi also had a mouse sander that would allow me to get in the corners.

Very interested in any feedback you can provide...thanks!

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What type of finish is on the risers now? If it's in good shape (no peeling) then just a light sanding (100-150 grit) to abrade the surface is sufficient. If it is peeling, scrape off any loose stuff and sand 40 grit and work you way up to 150 grit.

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As long as the current finish is sound---as mentioned in the above post, a thorough cleaning---Spin n Span/etc.---and a swipe with 150 grit on a hand block is fine for using a primer like BIN made by Zinsser. Any shellac based primer will do---I just get the best results when using BIN or Bullseye 123.

Then use whatever paint you wish.

As for the wrist problem, hand sanding lightly with a sanding block will be less demanding than using almost any power sander.

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good comment .. wait for readming more about hand sander

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