Jeld-wen or Bonneville aluminum clad ?

julabugOctober 30, 2008

I am trying to decide between two manufacturers for Aluminum Clad wood windows. I need to buy about 17 windows for a new addition. Next year, i hope to buy another 12 to replace the old ones on the main house. We are in CT in a wooded area. We have all 4 seasons here, and real issues with the cost of heating fuel.

The pricing is comparable between the two. Jeld-Wen Tradition Plus from Home Depot is slightly less cost, and has a lead time of about 3 weeks. BUT I've been reading a lot of negative experiences homeowners have had with Jeld-Wen product failures, and poor service from the company. The Bonnevilles have a lead time of approx 6 weeks and are from an independent distributor. I have not seen any negative comments about Bonneville.

My concern is that it's almost November and the addition is already under construction which means the windows will be installed in possible freezing weather.

Any advice to help me make this choice is much appreciated.

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At the risk of getting lambasted again by all the anti Pella people on here, my choice would not be either one of Jeld-Wen or Bonneville. I prefer Pella hands down the service in this area for Jeld-Wen and Bonneville in this area is non existent.The quality of the windows is fair at best, and depending on series being used Pella can be comparable in price. Lead time on the Pella is running about 3 weeks. Just my ever so humble opinion. I know there will be those who come out of the woodwork to slam Pella, but I have been installing them for many years and never had a major problem, when a problem does arise such as a broken balance or a stress crack, I have never had a problem in getting service out to take care of it

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Give it a rest Galefarm. Many of the "anti-Pella idiots" you constantly refer to are homeowners who have purchased Pella products and had problems with them. All your Pro-Pella cheering will never make that fact go away. So just admit that Pella has it's problems just like many other manufacturers. In fact, Pella probably has fewer problems than most but, ignoring that and calling homeowners who have had problems idiots, won't likely win Pella very many new customers.

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Don't walk, RUN from Pella alum clad. I have a very expensive home with 22 alum clad Pella windows. They are all rotting!! Don't listen to people that disregard good advice as "anti Pella"... there is a reason!

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Bonneville has extruded aluminum cladding. Much nicer than the roll form aluminum cladding of Pella.

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