Milgard 46x23 Window Broken - Is this an Option?

biscribbonOctober 22, 2011

I have a single-wide mobile home, 1972 vintage. Last year I had all of my windows replaced with Milgard Style Lines. The other day I did something stupid and broke the inner pane of the fixed part of the window only. I called the dealer and they wanted $265 + sales tax. The problem with them is that they are 6-8 weeks away from being able to install.

I was thinking of getting a glazier and just replace the inner pane for now. I know that this will void the warranty but if I can get it replaced for $100 in 1 week then maybe it is a viable option. I have not noticed a temperature difference since the breakage.

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You can call a glazing company and they should be able to re-make that insulated glass unit (you will need to replace both pieces as they are bonded together).

You may want to call Milgard directly and see if they can ship you the glass and you can contract with a glazing company to do the removal and re-installation.

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