what glue for wood on stucco?

GoofyYnoAugust 30, 2011

I want to glue a quarter round wood molding on top of a stucco wall. I'd prefer a smooth look, so was going to try to glue it. it is for an outdoor bench.


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construction adhesive

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If there is wood behind the stucco you might be able to get in and through with 15 gauge pins in a pin gun.

Stainless steel pins are not all that expensive.

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It is stucco on a block wall. It's for an edge piece where I don't want anything showing.

I bought some Loctite PL400.

although Now I'm thinking of using a 4" board to mount it on so I can nail from the underside, then screw the board in. I'll use the glue for extra measure. (or maybe I'll just nail the board in. with the glue it should hold.

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Or actually I should use wood glue for wood to wood, and the PL400o for the wood to stucco. I also just found some Sikaflex 1a construction sealant. not sure if it's better or worse.

sorry for the newbie questions.

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