Windows for the Sunroom

Kari33October 1, 2012

I have an old fashioned sunroom built in 50ties with single windows that are replaced with screens during summertime. I would like to replace them with new double windows.

What windows would you recommend for it - double hung, gliding, casement or awning? It's important for me to have a lot of light and a lot of air/breeze (as I won't install A/C in it).

I am planing on french door from the kitchen to the sunroom and from the sunroom to the backyard.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

In theory, the casement or awning would provide the maximum amount of ventilation per square foot given that they open entirely, however, they will come at a premium.

A decent sized double hung or slider will provide plenty of ventilation at the end of the day.

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What about the wear of the opening mechanism foe casement windows? Will it go bad after some time? I am still debating between them and double hung and sliders. I was thinking about good quality windows that would last long and look good - like Andersen 200.

Are there particular windows you would recommend to use for the sunroom?

Also, are the particular screens that give more visibility that would be suitable for sunrooms?

Thank you!

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Sunroom's best windows are usually low SHGC Low-e (3-coat like a 366 of SB 70 or 6227). You should opt for some sort of self-cleaning glass as well.

The good casements are well engineered and will last for years without any issues.

What is the sunroom made of? If it is vinyl, I would go with vinyl windows and the brands commonly recommended.

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We have a new addition/sunroom. All the windows are double hung. I like them best for ease of operation and justbthe look. We have casement in other parts of the house and inhave nebver liked them, they only catchnthe air from one side and they are not easy to wind open and closed.

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What are the size of the windows?Sliders often can take the place of 2 casements or double-hungs, this would save money and increase visable glass area. I prefer double hung windows as well.

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Casement operating hardware should be cleaned and lubed periodically. Most people ignore the hardware as it is really only accessible from the outside and therefore the problems trying to crank a worn, dirty or unlubricated worm gear.

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Windows on Washington Ltd


Casements are definitely a bit more sensitive to proper care.

They are very nice though if you are trying to build a tight home/space.

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I am new to this site but I am in desperate need of trying to find replacent clips for my sun room windows? any ideas?

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What kind of windows are they? You can find quite a few replacement parts available on the internet through companies like Blaine Window Hardware and Stry-buc Industries. If you locate the parts you may need to go through a dealer for their products but if you can identify the parts the process should be relatively painless.

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