Proper way to organize electrical panel

anniel89May 29, 2014


I have several questions:

1. I know you can double up 14 gauge ground wires so that 2 go to one screw on the bus bar. Is it ok to do this with 12 gauge wire?

2. On my panel the left bus bar is full but it's the only side with wire inlets still available. The right bus bar has space but the inlets are all taken. Is it ok to neatly bring some wires down the left, across the bottom and up to the bus bar? The breaker would be on the left but the ground and neutral would be on the right.

3. My siemens panel has wire inlets on the sides near the top. I've never seen these used. Is it ok to use them like I would the top or bottom?

Thanks all!

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Ron Natalie

It depends on what the panel manufacturer says you can do. Some can support two wires per terminal, some can't. ;

The position of the ground and neutral bars to the breakers that are protecting the circuit is immaterial. Some panels don't even have separate bars on the left and right. Some panel installations have bars for different purposes. Be very careful if this panel is not also the service disconnect, the ground bar and the neutral bar are distinct and must remain separate.

Most boxes have knockouts in various places (top, bottom, left, right, back) to make them versatile. Frequently you don't see the side ones used on a flush mounted panel because the studs in the wall (the panel is precisely 14.25" wide to fit between the studs) get in the way (and it's too much hassle to bore them out when you can use the holes in the top.

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You usually can add additional ground bars to a panel.

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