How long to cure polyurethane finish

wish2okcAugust 30, 2006


I have repainted a consignment shop dresser and now have on two coats of satin water based polyurethane. Are two coats enough and if so, how long do I need to wait before I bring the dresser inside & start using it? We'll probably have to set a pretty heavy tv on it. Don't want the finish to come off when we move it. Thanks for your help. I did search before posting but didn't see this exact question. Boy, do you folks know a lot about wood!

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Look on the can of material for the recomended time. It varies between water based and solvent, and even within a single manufacturer's various types.
For a heavy point load like a TV you might want to wait a week to ensure the material has fully cured.

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Well, I called myself reading the can for that info, but maybe I just missed it. Thanks for your advice and your reply!

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The manufacturer should be able to give you an exact answer. Remember curing times are based on specific heat and humidy that most homes don't have.

I'd wait at least a week, probably closer to two.


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Polyurethane takes about a year to cure completely. But that doesn't mean that you have to wait a year to use it. You could put a wood or cork pad under the tv set. I have some 8 inch diameter cork on masonite pads, under flower pots. They work great.

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A week or two for waterborne polyurethane is just about all the time you will need to wait. Still...protecting the finished surface to keep it looking good is a good thing.

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In my experience, the water based product is not as 'hard' as the resin based. Should the finish get a little 'dull' try some polishing compound (not rubbing compound) from a auto paint supply store. I have re-polished my round oak table a couple of times and it looks really great.

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