Can I make my own light fixture?

dave_mnMay 17, 2011

We want to create a light box with a piece of stained glass at my church. It would involve putting 2 small flourecent fixtures in a wood enclosure to provide the back light. Of course this is a commercial building. Is there a concern with an NEC rules, or anything under UL (Underwriters Labratory) rules? Would using low voltage LED's make this legal?

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As long as you don't modify the fixtures themselves and connect power to them as they are designed (either plug-in or hard wire) you should have no UL concerns. If the complete unit is plugged into an outlet, not hard-wired to the power source, there should be no NEC issue. As long as the finished product is well built, the insurance carrier should have no problems with it.

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Heat is the big problem, even with florescent lighting.
While the tubes do not get very hot, the ballasts can.

If you mount otherwise assembled fixtures and provide adequate air circulation to limit heat build up you are unlikely to have any significant issues.

Make sure there is an opening at the the and bottom for air circulation behind the decorative glass.

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