High Voltage Wiring question

goodbyekittyMay 24, 2010

We are having a new heat pump put in our 1976 house. In one quote it says that High Voltage Wiring is included and the other quote says that it is excluded.

Is the quote without the high voltage wiring going to be an extra cost?

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If the existing 240 V run has adequate size (amps of current), is correctly installed, and has not been damaged it is unlikely to need replacement.

The installer should have surveyed the installation and assessed the existing wiring, but call them and ask.

No one runs new wiring for free, so it would add to the cost of the proposal that excludes new wiring if it is needed.

I always replace the exterior disconnect, but not the wiring unless something is wrong.

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It looks like the first one is to replace ALL wiring, and the second quote is to re-use the existing wiring.

In the second quote, if they find they need to replace the wiring, they will charge extra for it.

I would also double check to see if the disconnect at the heat pump will be replaced. Depending on the original install date and condition of it, it SHOULD be replaced.

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