What size portable generator

big_al_41May 29, 2010

Hi everyone, I am thinking of getting a gas powered portable generator for my home here in New England, just for hurricanes etc. I am on well water (I believe it's 1/2 hp ) and no central air. I want to run my well pump, small chest freezer, refig,possibly the furnace and a few lights. I have a glass top stove not sure about that.

I'm thinking 6000 kw. too small.. too big ? Any thoughts.


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Ron Natalie

You'll need to look up the actual consumption of the various things you want to connect, but I suspect you're probably in the right ballpark (depending on just what sort of furnace you've got), but the cooktop may be dicey (but a microwave will probably suffice).

Whatever you do, hook this up properly, no suicide cords, no backfeeding of the grid, etc...

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Assuming you intended to say 6000 "watts", I can tell you that 6000 watts beats nothing by a whole lot, and with a little common sense you can probably run the items you listed.

If you really meant 6000kw,(6 MW) you will be able to run a good sized town. It will, however, be a pain in the rear end to move.

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