Stuck Bulb

mike_kaiser_gwMay 29, 2014

I have a PAR20 halogen bulb stuck in recessed can with a baffle trim. I'm thinking about gluing something to the face of the bulb so I can grab that with a pair of pliers. Do you think it matter what's kind of glue I use? I just thinking of using crazy glue or would epoxy be better?

My other idea was to tape a plastic bag to the ceiling and then breaking the bulb though the bag so I don't have glass flying everywhere.

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Ron Natalie

I have one of those suction cup bulb changers, I might try the head of that to see if it gives me a better grip than my fingers on the face of the bulb.

Short of that, I'd (after making sure the power is off) break the bulb.

Of course I'd make sure it is actually a par20 screw in and not something like a GU-10 or other pin/bayonett bulb

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Goodness Ron 7 years here and you don't think I know the difference between an Edison base and GU10? The GU10s are in the fixture above the island! ;-)

I thought about the suction cup thing but I don't have one and can't see buying one for a single bulb.

A breaking we will go...

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Typically, the trim is removable. With that out of the way, access to the lamp should be better.

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