quartersawn red oak - how to sell?

karlsaboAugust 16, 2008

I have 3200 linear feet of freshly sawn quarter sawn red oak boards (cut 08/05/2008) Very large trees yielding beautiful boards up to 20 inches in width and many up to three inches +/- thick and 8, 10 , 12 +/- feet long. I'm storing four large stacks outside that are stickered and covered with sheet metal. I've been told it's best to sell now while fresh cut rather than air dry outside for a few years. Any advice would be much appreciated. Located in Western Mass.

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I'm sorry to tell you that selling that wood is against several federal guidelines and is against Mass. state law and makes our ice cream man cry. It also causes night blindness in brook trout and gives three legged dogs bad breath. The local government in western Mass. has been trying for years to make it a crime to even harbor thoughts of quarter sawing red oak and air drying it for sale. So out of the goodness of my heart I am willing to let you send me all that wood so you don't get into any trouble.

OK serious now, No one wants to buy wood that may twist, warp, crack, etc..., which may be why it was suggested you sell now. If you let it dry, at least a year, you'll have a better idea of what is good to sell and what may have become firewood. Someone local may want to pick it up now but if you're using ebay or the like you'll want to let it dry first. Also shipping will be much cheaper if the wood has dried out a bit.

The offer to send it all to me still stands ;-)

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Hopefully the boards are all end-coated?

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Red oak, even q-sawn, is not that desirable, it tends to get gray-stain while drying. The "rays" are never as prominent as in white oak.
White oak is for furniture, red oak is for firewood.
If you kiln-dry it now, it may not be too late to avoid the gray staining.
Air drying is not a plus for oak as it is for walnut, etc.
If you find a buyer, sell.

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I don't know that it's still true but I presume it is -- the buyer / manager at my local hardwoods outlet say the market for red oak is dried up right now. A lot of the retailers and wholesalers are getting rid of it for less than cost just to move it out.

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I love building with red oak which I get from a local hardwood company. They save the 30" samples for me. Just checked Lowe's price on red oak and they are still proud of theirs.
Here is a quilt rack I finished yesterday of red oak.

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