circuit breaker tripping for no apparent reason

abbey_cnyMay 20, 2011

I am not sure if this is a problem or not, so I thought I would inquire here before I had it investigated in person. I had my hardwood floors refinished this week, and the first day called for the use of a floor sander which required a 220 outlet. They plugged into my electric range outlet and everything seemed fine until after they left and I discovered the breaker for the bathroom had tripped. 2nd day they used a buffer and plugged it into my 110 outlet for the TV. no problem. 3rd day they used the buffer and the tv outlet again, and the bathroom breaker tripped again.The tv outlet and the range outlet are on two separate breakers and do not share a breaker with the bathroom. Would it be possible for usage on these 2 breakers to cause a problem on a third breaker, or is this just a coincidence and there is a potential problem with the third breaker? I have had no construction work done lately so new nails to pierce any wires. Any suggestions are welcome, thanks!

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Wait and see if anything trips now that the work has been completed.

They might have used an edge sander on one of the circuits.

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when you say 'bathroom breaker', do you mean the breaker in the main box for the bathroom or the GFCI outlet in the bathroom itself?

And is the 'bathroom breaker' a GFCI breaker (it has a TEST button)?

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Thanks to you both for your replies. So far so good today. To answer your question weedmeister, I meant the breaker in the breaker box that is for the bathroom. It is not a GFCI breaker. It just seemed strange to me that heavier usage on two other breakers would cause another breaker to trip. I tend to worry about anything electrical.

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I suspect that they plugged something (heavy load) into the "bathroom circuit", the breaker tripped, and they moved on to use other receptacles. They came to work on floors, not to talk to you about tripped breakers.

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They may not have been there to talk to me about tripped breakers, but I recently mapped all of my circuit breakers and I know exactly what is on the bathroom circuit breaker. Only lights and outlet in the bathroom. Said bathroom was locked the entire time they were here with my pets inside, so there is no way they plugged anything into the bathroom circuit. But since nothing has tripped since yesterday hopefully everything is ok.

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The vibration from the floor refinishing may have shaken something loose in the bathroom circuit and created an intermittent short. It wouldn't be a bad idea to open up the boxes on that circuit and have a look around.

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Were your pets using the whirlpool tub while you were away?

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lol. No whirlpool tub I am afraid. But since there may be something shaken loose, I guess I better get an electrician out here to take a look, if only to put my mind at rest. Thanks for any and all info!


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