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spotted_catOctober 7, 2011

I have a home built in 1994. My windows are MW brand double hung, dual pane (not Low E) wood windows. 3 of the windows have broken seals. I am struggling with the decision to replace or repair. Repair is estimated at $250 per piece of glass. Inclined to improve the performance, I would want to use the Low E glass, jumping the repair bill to $500 per window for both pieces of glass to be replaced. My builder grade windows are difficult to open, leak some air and need periodic painting. One contractor is pushing Jeldwen vinyl windows. I looked at a previous installation and thought the windows looked cheap. Another contractor uses only Simonton windows. I have done some internet research and I am overwhelmed with the number of window companies. Have any opinions of Simonton 5500 compared to the Jeldwen windows (not sure which model)?

Is it worth it to fix a window of this quality?

How long can I expect the vinyl windows to last?

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You will get better information from some of the other posters as to the specifics of Jeld Wen versus Simonton 5500 but Simonton as a company has much better vinyl products than Jeld Wen.
My comment would be that you are being taken advantage of if someone is doubling the price simply because of an upgrade to Low E. It is probably a 10% upgrade over clear IG.

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You are right about the price to upgrade the glass though in this area it is a 20% price increase. I meant that I would replace both pieces of glass instead of just replacing the one piece of glass. Thanks for the input

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With nearly $500 in each window, you still have a poorly seal (i.e. air leakage) window that is nearly 20 years old.

I would opt for replacement and do your research so you get a good window, project, and price.

Good vinyl windows should easily last 20+ years.

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