Threading blinds

smb2003October 23, 2010


I just got new wooden blinds in my house and need to shorten them. I have everything set except I need to thread the lift cord back into the bottom slat. I have tried doing this for an hour and am going absolutely flippin' nuts! I can't get the cord into the bottom slat. I tried burning the bottom of the cord so that it wouldn't fray and that isn't working.... Is there something I can use to thread the cord back through? Please help before I end up in a straight jacket! ;-)


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They do make large upholstery needles. However, I would try either a thin hard piece of plastic or a very thin screwdriver. Even a recipe card might work. Basically fold the string over the end of the stiff plastic or screwdriver and push through the hole. Hope that makes sense.

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The thin plastic worked! Thanks!

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