Wood boring bugs

mileleAugust 10, 2012

Hello, is there any product in US that takes care of tiny wood boring bugs? I cannot see the bugs but thare is wood powder in some areas inside one of the dressers. The furniture I am trying to restore are more than 100 years old. Back to my Country we have these product and it is common practice to treat old furniture with that but I cannot find any equivalent product in US. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance

Milele (from EU)

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Solutions will vary by state. Fumigation is the most certain way of killing the bugs, but is nearly impossible to have done in some places (like Massachusetts). Borate-containing products are the ones most widely recommended and available (Bora-Care is one brand name). With a piece of furniture you can inject it into the holes using a syringe and hope that it will permeate the wood to reach the bugs that are left inside (the hole is left when the insect bores its way out and leaves). You can also paint it on any unfinished surfaces.

I'd be very leery of bringing infested wood into my house, so would first look into having the piece fumigated.

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Fori is not pleased

Are you sure the drawers aren't scraping?

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