Reclaimed wood barstools - polyurethane?

noelsuzaAugust 24, 2012

I just purchased reclaimed wood barstools. If they are coated w/ a light varnish or poly, I can't tell. There's some natural splintering of the wood. I'm interested in coating the tops of the barstools with perhaps a polyurethane. I've read some of the posts and it appears as thought that's better and thicker than varnish. I want it to be clear, not really glossy, but I want it to seep into the cracks and really "cement" the splintering. I've sanded it, but I may not have sanded it w/ appropriate grade of sandpaper. I'm DIY-challenged, so I appreciate any informed feedback and ideas! *thank you*

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Polyurethane will work fine. Only issue though is one coat will not as you say "cement" the splintering. Maybe with multiple coats but not one. And how many coats you may ask? Tough to tell. But i would start with three and see how it looks then add each additional coat until its to your liking.

What grit sandpaper did you finish sanding with?

My personal choice would be p-100.
Although you could go higher but i dont think it would be necessary.

What kind of wood are the stools? Maple?

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