I need help replacing closet doors

sandcaAugust 15, 2010

I would like to replace my thin, flimsy, front closet bypass doors with something that would be functional but feel more upscale. Dimensions of opening are 69 1/2" x 82" and it is not trimmed out just drywall.

I don't like bifold doors. I find them awkward to open and close

I could buy heavy duty bypass tracks and use 36" wood or MDF panel doors but the doors wouldn't sit flush (second door would be offset by at least 1 1/2")

I think 32"? regular hinge double doors would have too wide a swing.

I saw some 24" pine 10 panel doors that I really liked. Could I rip 1/2" off each side and make a three door system with a single door hinged on an outside wall and double doors one hinged on a partition wall and the other hinged on the other outside wall? I would prefer 3 doors sitting flush similar to frameless kitchen cabinets with a minimal space between the single and double doors. Would the partition wall have to be a 2x3 or 2x4 wall or could I make a particle board box similar to a tall frameless kitchen cabinet (screw it into the header, walls and subfloor) and use one of the cabinet walls for the partion wall? I could put a drawer bank with the glides attached to this cabinet. Would I need a full back on this cabinet for support or just screw in 3 horizontal strips to provide support? I'm worried about the partition wall being strong enough to support a wooden door and drawers. Could I use heavy duty European style hidden hinges or refrigerator hinges to get 3 flush doors or is this totally a bad idea? Would I have to use a short stub wall with door jams and trim with European style hidden hinges or would I just need them if I used regular hinges?

Which alternative looks to be the best. Any help or other ideas would be appreciated. I always have big ideas but lack the knowledge or experience to know if they are feasible. That was always my husband"s job.

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taunton books puts out a book called the "DOORHANGER'S HANDBOOK". I have hung double doors with astragals in the middle, but I have not hung three door combinations in the manner you suggest. This book will show you how (or not) to implement your ideas. You may be able to buy a used one at a good price. I have made and hung many doors using this book as a guide.

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