Need a gift recommendation for a young electrician

enmnmMay 12, 2011

We were invited to a graduation party for a HS senior who is in an electrical training program and is in the process of applying to a related trade school. Can anyone recommend a nice and creative gift? The only thing I thought of was a kindle with the U.S. electric guidelines/manuals installed, but I'm not sure I wanted to spend *that* much.


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Ron Natalie

The one thing I use every day is my subscription to the online version of the above. It's small dollars you can buy him a years worth or something.

Tools are always appreciated. Greenlee makes a nice little pouch with a receptacle tester, VOM, and non contact tester for under $30 at Lowes and elsewhere.

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honestly, a gift card to the local hardware store - i'd recommend something like a local Ace or True Value as opposed to Lowe's and Depot - prices are the same - that would be a perfect gift, although i understand you may want something more personal.

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an abacus. You can hang it on the wall. It is an emergency calculator that works without electricity.

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The abacus and small tool kits are great ideas. If anyone has any more, I'd love to hear them.

No gift cards--he's got his own money, and his parents have plenty of more money.

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is he going for commercial,industrial or residential ? If commercial,industrial i'd suggest Heated thermal underwear. If residential i'd suggest and coarse in anger management. He'll find out what i mean.

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I wish this site had a "like" button similar to facebook for kalining's comment hah. 6th year into my mainly residential business so I've found out hah.

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A couple of things came to my mind...a really good set of lineman's pliers. A good high quality wire stripper. About 35 years ago my ex-mother-in-law bought me a small analog pocket multimeter I seem to still use to this day for quick continuity, voltage checks. If you want to go just a but higher in cost, a circuit tracer might come in handy. It does depend, as noted earlier, the field he intends to enter might require some more specialty tools but I think these basic tools would be a help. An anger management tutorial as kalining mentioned is a must for residential.

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