How to mount garage lights on clapboard, nicely

oldbat2beMay 1, 2012

I'd like to know the best way to do this, from a cosmetic standpoint. Our exterior lights arrive tomorrow (after about a year without lighting during our renovations), and I am very excited.

DH had me pick up white Arlington octagonal side blocks, 8141R for 1/2 inch lap. The local electrical store only had two models of these, one octagonal and one rectangular. The ones I bought will be wider than the base of the light. Our siding is grey, with white trim, and lights are very dark/natural bronze.

My concern is that the lights will now appear mounted on extruding plastic, vs. flushly mounted (somehow) to the clapboard. I am in no hurry at this point to just get these mounted, I'd like to do this the best way possible, so if we need to order new blocks or explore a different solution, please advise. I do understand that we could paint the block to match the siding. I would appreciate the forum's input. Thanks in advance!

The light is the one in upper left hand corner. Note how nice it looks flush against the wall. Ignore the other two lights please.

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You can often use a piece of the same clapboard inverted to create a vertical mounting surface for the fixture.

The box is simply recessed in to wall behind the canopy (a very few fixtures contain an integral junction box).

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The blocks serve a dual purpose. They give you a level flat surface to mount your light to. Also to provide a location for you box. Without it, your fixture would not mount level. It would follow the angle of the siding. I understand wanting a "clean look" however, once you start to look around at other installs, you will notice how many fixtures mounted to siding are mounted to "blocks" of some sort.

Here is a link that might be useful: Light blocks w/ pictures

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Since we have no photos of your planned light location, perhaps a portion of a tapered wooden shingle with the thicker portion at the top would accomplish your purpose.

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Thanks all. DH wired and mounted these over the weekend. I do plan to paint the mounting block the same color as the siding, then hopefully they'll be less visible.

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