Long time lurker..... finally taking the first step!

daisy522October 11, 2009

Hello everyone! My name is Linda and I live just east of Memphis, TN. I am a long time GW member and have been lurking on your forum for about a year. I love what you do! I have been collecting old china, tiles, etc and finally decided to just give it a try.

I tried to mosaic a stepping stone, I thought that would be the easiest thing to try first. I bought some mortar mix and got busy. BUT! I dont think I did something right. I mixed the mortar, about the thickness of brownie mix, smoothed it on the stone, then laid out my pattern. The mix seemed very dry, my pieces were just kinda sitting on top of the mix.

I took everything off and made the mix a little wetter. Now I think it is all smushed (is that a word?) in the mix too much. Will I be able to grout over this? Was I supposed to just morter each piece and put it on the stone or was this the right procedure?

Help, pleessseee!!


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I'm trying to post a picture!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Welcome to the forum. We are always glad to see someone else that the addictive plunge.
I think your main problem is that you are using the wrong mortar. You are not laying bricks. You need thinset. Go to Lowe's and go to the tile flooring dept. You will see a whole aisle or two devoted to this. Get Mapai Polymer-Modified Thinset Mortar. It comes in 10#bags all the way up to 50# bags. Most of us use the grey as it is pretty neutral. When you grout use the Mapai grout too. It works great outside. I hope this helps.
Just east of Memphis? Arlington? I used to live in Cordova but am in Texas now.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mapai at Lowes

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lol! I thought there was only one kind of mortar! I will go to Lowes tomorrow. I am very determined!

I live very close to Arlington, near Eads, just into Fayette County. My husband in a mailman in Cordova.

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Small world. The area around there has changed a lot since I left there. Take a look at Lowes website and get a feel for the grout and other Mapai products available. Slow is the one that got me started on Mapai, I'm sure she will chime in here before long.

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How long has it been since you were here? Cordova has really changed a lot in the last 5 years.

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Welcome, and you'll love Mapei. I've never had any problems w/it. For outside projects, I use half mortar and half grout. It dries a lot faster than the grout alone, so as soon as I apply it, I start sponging it off, and sometimes have to brush it off. Very tough stuff.

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Welcome Daisy. You got the cream of the crop here for adivse.
Looking forward to seeing the stepping stone.

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Looks like I will have to order the Mapei, the Memphis Lowes doesnt carry it. Cant get it till the end of October.
They do carry the LATICRETE brand, will that work as well?

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From one Daisy to another, welcome! I was sorry to hear you had a problem with your first project, but I'm delighted to read that you are determined too and will try again. It's really fun and once you have a project you're happy with, you'll have trouble not mosaicing every surface you can get your hands on. Glad you asked for help, and Texasfern has it right, you've got the best answering your questions! Good luck! I'll be watching to see your completed next project.

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Yes, the Laticrete brand will work fine. I have been gone from Cordova since '92 when I divorced and moved to Little Rock. I imagine it has changed a lot.

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