Two Questions About Old House Wood Repair

CassandraAugust 11, 2008

Just moved into a 1916 home. The beautiful red oak living room floors were refinished perhaps 8 years ago. They still look great--except for a major dent in a visible place where a repairman dropped a hammer. It is in a place where it is not possible to cover it with a rug. Should I try a latex wood filler of epoxy? Any recommendations? The second question is about an original window sash. The sash is in good condition (and I will be working to rehab all the windows rather than replace them). But at one point in the house's history, the window must have been stuck and someone used a screwdriver to force it open. The bottom of the sash is all marked up with such screwdriver holes. Would a wood filler or epoxy also work for this? I would then be painting it white. Thanks.

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Any filler material is going to look as bad as the dent. The other problem is the finish on the floor. If it is poly or a similar finish, spot repairing is almost impossible as poly's do not feather out almost invisibly as do varnishes /etc.

The window sill is a good candidate for filler--and an epoxy that is sandable is an excellant choice.

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If the dent is not too deep you can try steaming it out. I've used this method before and it works very well. Click the link for detailed instructions, plus other info that may help.

Good luck with your project ;-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Wood Floor Doctor

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