Picture Window Privacy

blakeasOctober 25, 2009

I having my picture window in my bathroom replaced, it is a vinyl master series legacy window. My current window has a shutter near the bottom to obstruct view coming in. It can then fold away when not needed but also lets light in when in use. What can I do?

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Frosted/textured glass or a curtain

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so nothing on the bottom end of the glass that could be removed or something that would only cover some of the glass? I like the full light coming in..

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My wife used a type of window sticker (i think static holds it in place) on our bathroom window. Now i thought for sure this would look bad and then just peel off after a few weeks. Well that thing has been on there for over 3 years and it still looks good. gives the window a stained glass look.

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where did you get this? make and model?

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This will tell you how long that has been on our window but i think we bought it from HQ or Furrows, so i do not have any info on the make or model.

If your search on "Staind glass cling" or "Staind glass appliques" you will find something very similar.

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