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slothropOctober 6, 2013

I live in Southern California and we are looking at replacement windows - either aluminum or fiberglass. Obviously the fiberglass would be much more energy efficient but I was wondering how to calculate the cost savings based on the numbers. For example - Milgard Ultra with a U-factor of .35 and a SHGC of .27 vs. the aluminum with a U-factor of .56 and a SHGC of .29. What kind of savings would I be looking at - especially since I am somewhat close to the coast and don't often have to run the a/c or heat. Thanks!

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Windows on Washington

Nearly impossible to say without some very specific and exhaustive data on the home, climate, construction, utilities, etc, etc.

The air infiltration of the two units plays into this equation as well.

Sorry...but there is just no simple answer.

Will the more efficient unit save you more money (provided they have similar air leakage rates)...yes. How much is totally dependent on the home.

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Very difficult to quantify. Of course if will make a difference..
Why are you looking at windows with a ufactor of .35 ? That is much too high and not very energy efficient. You need something lower than a .30 at least.

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