Beveling an oak threshold

Buglady_DEAugust 6, 2005

For reasons that I would rather not go into, we need to fashion a new threshold for our patio doors. These are outswing doors. My contractor will use a piece of oak that is 3/4" deep. Although this matches up fine to the door, it seems that it will be a tripping hazard unless we taper the height of the threshold.

I would like to have the oak threshold beveled to meet the floor with a height of about 1/2". It seems pretty straightforward to me, providing you have the tools and the know-how. My contractor does not have the right tools. What type of woodworking equipment would be required? And any suggestions on how to find someone with the skills to do this?

Thanks much.

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Seems to me a contractor should have a table saw and a sander. These tools will work fine for the bevel.

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I sometimes make custom threshholds, interior and exterior. I use a tablesaw, belt sander, and a ROS(Random orbit sander).

The basic bevels are made on the tablesaw and rough shaping done with the belt sander. Final shaping/smoothing is done with the ROS.

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Your contractor is telling you that he doesn't want to do it. The tools thing is just an excuse. If you like him otherwise, then use your best negotiating skills to get him to do it.
If he can't do such a simple job, then what is he capable of doing?

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We got it done. A friend had a table saw and beveled the threshold for us.

So far, we've used this contractor to install our new kitchen, install crown molding and lots of other trim, install a new window and new patio doors, replace our siding, and rebuild our 18' x 15' porch, including rebuilding the roof over the porch. I don't ever remember seeing him or his partner use a table saw. They had a circular saw, a miter saw and a reciprocating saw. Now the floor guy had a table saw, but he is the one who didn't do the threshold right in the first place. ;)

Thanks for the help!

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congrats on the threshold... I am in the same boat... just laid about 1700 sf of oak prefinished flooring and now have 5 doorways including the 2 large entries to the kitchen that I have to do. I do have a table saw, sander etc... but am not thrilled with having to do it. I'm glad to hear someone who got it done that way and are satisfied...

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Yup, tablesaw, and a couple of sanders is all I ever needed----and I have done some threshholds made of rather exotic woods---bloodwood, jatoba, and curly maple, along with the normal oak, maple, ash, walnut and such.

Those tools are used to shape the beveled top profile as well as the bottom profile for transition strips---between carpet and tile for instance, where the bottom is notched to fit the different flooring heights.

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