Installed my first light fixture, but......

susanne283May 14, 2010

Hi...I replaced a light fixture in my kitchen yesterday. All seemed ok and very straightforward...The light went on when I turned the electricity back on. But, when the light is on I hear a quiet humming that I did not hear with the old fixture. It is on a dimmer and seems louder the lower the dimmer is set. It doesn't bother me, just want to make sure I didn't do anything wrong. Thanks!

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Ron Natalie

What you are hearing is commonly refer to "filament sing". The way the semiconductor dimmers work is by turning on midway into the wave form. It should be worst at about half brightness (because that is biggest excursion, full off or full on isn't any different than a regular switch).

Why you never noticed it before is likely that the bulb is different or it's mount in the fixture makes the problem worse. If we're talking regular bulbs, you can try a "rough service" bulb to see if it has less of an issue.

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What kind of light fixture?

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Usually a different brand of bulb will solve the problem.

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Thanks everyone...It is a semi-flush mount in my kitchen. I will try different bulbs. I really just wanted to make sure I had not made a mistake with the installation. You have all been very helpful....

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Try rough service or ceiling fan bulbs. They have filaments with stabilizing supports and should vibrate less.

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