Veneering Structural Doug-Fir Post

bob_cvilleAugust 2, 2007

I'm in the process of redoing my kitchen, which has involved moving walls and installing all new quartersawn red oak cabinets. One of the walls that was moved contained a 4x12 Glu-lam beam and a 4x4 douglas fir support post that has to remain where it is.

I tweaked the kitchen design so that the post is next to the tall wall oven cabinet. My plan is to apply quartersawn red oak veneer to this post to make it blend in with the cabinets.

I have the veneer, I just need to know how to proceed in applying the veneer. I believe it is plain veneer (as opposed to glue backed veneer)

What glue should I use?

Should I trim it to size and then glue it or apply the veneer and then trim the edges flush?

Should I do anything to the doug-fir post before applying the veneer?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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I'd suggest wrapping it with 1/4" oak plywood instead of just veneer. Doing so would cause the veneer to crack as the post shrinks and expands seasonally. Good veneer work is always laid over a cross-grain underlayment anyway (which prevents the movement of the substrate from telegraphing). 1/8" plywood is also available if the 1/4" happens to be too bulky.
My last option would be to use solid oak planed to 1/4" thickness. This would have the upside benefit of not having to worry about hiding the plywood edge.

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