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redheadeddaughterOctober 2, 2013

Hi! We are building a new home farmhouse and are finishing up the plans. Right now we have about 48 windows (40 standard sized (whatever that means;)) double hung, and 8 or 9 small square windows. Also 4 sets of french doors with transoms (!).

We will bid this project out, but before we finalized the design and have the construction plans completed, it would be so helpful to have a guesstimate as to the cost savings if we went with a different type of window (vinyl? Fiberglass? SDL ) or should we cut back on the number of windows and install the wood windows we want? I could prob. take out 10 of those windows, and 3 of those french doors, but boy would I miss all the sunlight. Is there really a huge jump in price between wood and all others? Any tips?

I know this is more general than usually posted on the windows forum, but any advice is really appreciated. PS We are not by the coast... Central California type weather and very mild.

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It is not uncommon for vinyl to be 1/2 the cost of a wood window especially if it is white and you include the cost of staining or painting of a wood window.Fiberglass is usually somewhere in between.Vinyl can get expensive if you go with a wood grain interior and painted exterior.The options can make a big difference since they are not priced uniformly between the different materials. Best to start pricing them out and watch out for low quality models.

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It really depends on the design you want. Aluminum clad and wood windows usually lend themselves more to a higher end look, more options, colors etc. There are some good vinyl options but there's not as many on the west coast. I'd pay attention to the surround area and homes as well. If most homes have wood products you should try to meet those standards.

As far as cost, yes it costs more for aluminum clad, Kolbe and Marvin in my opinion are the best options here in California. Kolbe some times can come in at a lower cost and the same quality. Vinyl will cost much less. Like mentioned before there are some very high quality vinyl brands out there, much only on the east coast. Milgard and Simonton tend to be the front runners on the west coast. Both are mid range windows in my opinion.

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See the link below to our use of Marvin Integrity (Fiberglass outside, wood inside). We built a craftsman style, so maybe this will give you some ideas. In particular, we saved a ton of money by eliminating all transoms, going with a taller window and using "cottage" grills (they give a transom look). We've been in the house for over a year and still are very positive on the windows. As our salesman explained, adding a transom is like adding an addtional window. The cottage grills worked out nice. We did splurge a little on the grills. They have a divider inbetween the panes. They really look awesome. see link

Here is a link that might be useful: link to our Marvin Integrity Windows

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Integrity wood ultrex is also a great option as mentioned by Ikbum. Turn around time is great, a few different exterior color options and very few service issues in my experience.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

The Integrity wood/ultrex is probably the best blend of wood looking window in an economical package out there.

Solid company behind it as well.

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Thank you so much for all this information. I had forgotten to subscribe to my own post and didn't realize anyone commented. :)

lkbum: I love your integrity windows! And getting rid of the transoms but adding the cottage lites might be a great option.

This is so helpful... Off to research the Integrity wood/ultrex now...

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