Looking for short length 12/3 extension cord

onthebrinckMay 1, 2012

I got my new generator, and thought I'd anticipate plugging in the refrigerator in an emergency. Decided I'd plug the refrigerator into a short length 12/3 extension cord and make that connection easily accessible toward the front of the alcove so I wouldn't have to pull the refrigerator out during an emergency --- just reach in, unplug the refrigerator from the extension cord and plug it into the power cord from the generator. Try finding a short length 12/3 power cord!!!! I can find 14/3 6' lengths, I can find 12/3 9' lengths with that funny configuration (NEMA 6?) for 'heavy appliances', and I can find 25' long 12/3 cords --- I want a +/- 9' 12/3 length with a conventional configuration.

If no one knows where to get one, can I get an adapter for the NEMA6 to a NEMA5? Can I use a 6' 14/3 (appliance) cord for a 21CF Refrigerator?

BTW: please, resist the temptation to sell me on the idea of a transfer switch. I investigated it, and to have it professionally installed would cost $800 plus the cost of equipment ... more than $1200 total!

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I guess if all else fails, I could cut the NEMA6 off a 9 footer and replace it with a NEMA5

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12 gauge is probably overkill. We have a average, size-by-side fridge and the label says 6.5 amps. You might want to look at the label of yours.

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Ron Natalie

Lowes has short ones. I've got my jointer/planer on one.

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Look for the 'heavy duty' cords for air conditioners.

It would probably be better to just put a longer cord on the refrigerator to avoid the constant use of an extension cord.
Going up in gauge with a longer cord will not harm anything, and can pr0long the life of the motor.

Appliance plates do not reflect motor starting loads, and even a 6.5 amps full load unit an easily pull 2 to 3 times that on start up.
Voltage drop from a cord will prolong the start up surge and can shorten the life of induction motors.

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Make your own. You can buy 12/3 stranded, and the connectors at any big box store.

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I have bought longer than I want and then cut and installed the ends that I needed. I think that Wally World had some short, heavy cords at some point so they may still.

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I've decided to use the 14/3 6-footers I've always used for heavier-than-a-lamp stuff. What I did was connect the refrigerator to the extension cord and then tied a pull-string to that connection so I can drag it forward to the front of the refrigerator during a power outage. Once there, I disconnect the refrig from the extension cord and plug it into the generator cord. All this to avoid moving a full refrigerator during a hurricane in semi-darkness! The string was necessary because the alcove only has room at the top and not at the sides for getting to the plug (oy!)

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"You can buy 12/3 stranded, and the connectors at any big box store."

It is often less expensive to buy the shortest cord of the size you need and cut off one end and replace it.
At least you still have one molded end on the cord then.

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Industrial supply places like McMaster-Carr or Grainger carry 10/3, 12/3, 14/3, and 16/3 in 10 foot lengths.

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