sub-panel grounding rod in same structure as service panel?

jeff_in_lalalandMay 21, 2010

I've hired an electrician to replace a sub-panel in my attached garage. The sub-panel will be bonded via EMT to the service entrance, which is on the outside of the garage -- definitely the same structure. He claims I also have to drive a grounding rod for the sub-panel, and add a GEC from the sub-panel to a nearby water pipe. I don't want to because it costs more, looks ugly, and is likely to confuse future buyers. I can't see any reason for me to do this. Is this a new requirement in the most recent NEC? (I live in Los Angeles)

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He is 100% INCORRECT.
NO grounding electrode and NO water bond!

A 4-wire feeder is all that is required or wanted.
A 3-wire feeder in a complete metallic conduit system works as well, but the fittings must be made up tight and the bonding on both ends must be correct.

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Thanks, Petey_racer

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He is not even wrong.

If you DID add another grounding electrode it would need to be bonded to the existing grounding electrode.

This guy is a hack.

A sub-panel in the same structure (including an attached garage) needs a four wire feed.

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