Can you cancel a window contract?

bunkster2October 7, 2011

Having some frustration in a national window chain. We worked on a lot of additional home improvement projects and lined them up based on a specific time that the windows would be installed. We asked specifically and worked well in advance.Of course, no problem in making that date blah blah. They get their 50% down (our house has 18 windows, so pretty big order). After hearing nothing and getting within a month of my deadline date, I called them and now I hear they were impacted by the hurricane (I'm sure they were..) and everything is behind. at least TWO more months.

Given they only give you 3 days after signing to cancel, I was wondering if I'd even get a straight answer on whether my custom order was produced, and if not, what chance if any I'd have i cancelling and starting over with another company next spring.

Just really frustrated. Not seeking legal advice, just whether anyone has ever tried to 'cut their losses'. Not at all happy I didn't hear this from them rather than have my calls unanswered until I finally did get the news.

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Did they by chance file for "Force Majeur" which is a federal legal notice which absolves them of damages in just such an instance. It does not give them carte blanche to take as long as they wish but legally gives them time to recover and fill orders from an "Act of God" or a "Natural Disaster".

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Good question. I wonder if I can find that out online? Thanks for the reply,

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Depends on the term of the contract.

There is no universal answer.

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