Restoring exposed painted ceiling beams

jonnymassiveAugust 25, 2009


I am new to this lovely site, it looks great.

Can somebody help with a question i have?

In my house that I have just purchased, I have exposed ceiling beams that have been painted over the years. I would like to bring them back to a wood finish. I have removed the paint and am currently sanding them back to get a nice grain effect. But in places, mostly around the knots, the paint have seeped into the wood and no amount of sanding will remove it.

How can I get it out so its just wood? Is there a product that will do this?

Or should i be covering it somehow?

Thanks for any help folks.

VERY much appreciated.

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Try paint stripper. Once the stripper has done it's work you might have to get in there with a brush and scrub a bit. You probably won't get all the paint out but it should help.

Stripper can be pretty nasty stuff so make sure you follow the label directions and observe the appropriate precautions.

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What type of wood is it, do you plan to stain them, and what do you plan to use for a finish?

There are lots of products you can use.

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