Timeline Windows by Lincoln ??

rcallawayOctober 10, 2010

A friend of mine is a contractor and I asked him about windows along with some other people I have contacted. He has used Lincoln windows lately, mainly their Harmony I think, and says he is very happy with them. I am looking mainly at vinyl, which is their Timeline brand, for singlehung. I am having a hard time getting info on Timeline via the net. How do they compare to something like the Soft Lite Barrington line (which I have a bid on)? FYI, these windows are 36"x90" and 42" x 90".

Any other ideas appreciated. Just getting started on this "adventure".

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FYI I'm being quoted roughly $675 per 36x90 installed for the Soft Lites

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Sorry, but information like "he just started using them and is happy with them" isn't what I would rely on for long term decisions on windows. When he has used them for 10 years or more and can discuss how Lincoln Windows hold up over that period of time, what issues he has with them (and he will have issues) and how lincoln handles those issues, then he can provide you with information that you can use. Lincoln doesn't have a sterling record for durability which a cusery Google search will reveal.

Softlite does have a very good reputation for quality and service. It comes down to how much money you are willing to risk. Will your contractor friend give you a written guarantee that he will provide free service to you for any issues that arise from his recommendation?

Don't take my words the wrong way. I mean no offense. Just trying to give you somethng to think about before you invest a lot of money in a product that will be in your house for a very long time.

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What are the details on the installation as well?

That will help in making product recommendations and giving any general feedback on pricing.

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I hear what you are saying, but just because someone just started using a product, does that mean they have no background or experience to judge that product? Seems like lots of people switch from one manufacturer to another in this business over time, so I have a hard time finding fault with that specifically.

I gather you don't have any experience with the Lincoln's Timeline windows. That is one of the bits of insight I am seeking.


What specifically are we looking for when we are talking about the details of the installation?

Thanks everyone for helping me stay on track !!

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Full tear out or insert?

What type of window is in existing opening?

Grids or not?


Glass package is double or triple?

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Full tear out, current window is single hung aluminum, no grids, no capping, double pane.

New windows in white vinyl, single hung, double pane, Low E w/ Argon. One fellow is recommending reinforcement bars due to the large size.

I am also getting quotes from Milgard (Tuscany), Soft-Lite (Barrington), Simonton (not sure on model), Atrium (questioning these), and American Craftsman (these sound to be less than high quality).

Hope this helps.

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That pricing is not out of range for that window and type of installation.

I would ask him to quote the Imperial LS

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Is the Imperial LS available in SH ? On Soft-Lite's site, they don't list it. What are the main differences between Imperial Ls and the Barrington ?


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Frame thickness, air tightness, and Design pressure.

The LS is a bulkier window with better thermal, air, and structural data.

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Lincoln windows are the bottom feeders of the wood window market...as they say you pay for what you get...it you going to sell the house after install great ..long term forget it..nothing but problems

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Once again, no details. Why do you think Lincoln is a poor quality window? I'm not saying I agree or disagree. I'd just like to hear your opinion as to why.

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