What is the purpose of brick mold????

angeezOctober 29, 2012

We are having our windows replaced and doing a full replacement with new jams. We are going with Marvin Infinity. The windows that are being replaced do not have brick mold around them. The installer doesn't feel it is necessary for brick mold to be added. I know nothing about this so need some insight? He said it is just cosmetic and for the future when someone wants to replace the windows it is easier. Thanks!

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He may be right, but if you'd follow the way they were originally done, you could use a standard size window. At one time, that could have saved you some $$. Now, not so much.
The purpose of BM is to give the bricklayer something to brick to. It's heavy enough to withstand the bricklaying and does serve the purpose of hiding the joint between the rough and finished jambs. Today it is usually only for looks.

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Brickmold is just a type of window and door casing and is used against many other substrates besides brick.
Typically you don't need any casing if you are residing or in some brick applications. It usually is easier to replace the window if there is a casing, since all you have to do is pop it off to access the nail flange. A lot of times house can look cheap if they don't have any casing on them.

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Our current upstairs windows have no brick mold and the j channel is right up next to them and it looks very nice. Our down stairs windows (that the previous owner replaced) does have brick mold and it looks like crap. We can't use a standard size window because it isn't standard size even if there was brick mold. So basically it is just for looks and easier to replace windows down the road? If they did put in brick mold it wouldn't be brick, it would be wood does that make sense? Thanks!

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To close any gap between the rough brick surface and the window jamb while keeping the window away from masonry contact.

When it was decent rot resistant wood it could last a long time.

Brick and masonry wick water very nicely, and having expensive windows in contact with masonry is only going to speed up their eventual decay.

Sheet metal underneath, and rot resistant brick mold beside and above keep the window away from the masonry.

Probably more of a decorative touch with a brick veneer house since their is wood to support the window, unlike a masonry house.

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So I am even more confused. Our house has vinyl siding. I am just wondering is the brick mold necessary or not?


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Not necessary in your application it would be used only as a trim and not a part of the weatherproofing.

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Do you need brick mold if you get a pre-hung door?

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Windows on Washington

Not necessarily but you do need some sort of trim detail to cover the jamb to rough opening connection.

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