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rbigAugust 17, 2008

What are some good tongue 'n groove floor polishers like Orange Glo, but maybe not as expensive?

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Orange-Glo is a scam. For cleaning hardwood floors use a non-oil soap and finish with a wax (if more shine is wanted).

If the floor is older it may need a new finish.

Good luck with your project;-)

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but a word of warning, using a wax is going to give you some problems down the line if you want to recoat over that. also cleaning with anything at all water based is going to A.)make it look orange, B.) make it crack, C.)make it peel. just some thoughts on the subject

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Not very good thoughts. Recoating wax can be done without taking up the old wax. The only time you would want to take up the old wax is if you decide to refinish (put down a new polyurethane, varnish, shellac, etc...)and wax is very easy to strip. Most all finishes have some wax in them and wax itself is generally put down over everything but a poly finish (though it can be.)

All cleaning is done with at least some water and will not make wax, wood or any finish applied, look orange or make it crack or make it peel as long as the water evaporates. If water is left on the surface being cleaned for too long it can and most likely will cause damage (though it can take quite awhile and/or repeated "drownings"). Damp mopping or a good wet mopping can be and is usually done safely without fear of damage to the floor. If you're doing a wet mopping try to make sure there are at least a couple of windows open and you can put a fan at one end of the room to speed up evaporation.

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