Where do you all pick up crash glass?

pghgardnewbieOctober 11, 2008

Hi everyone! Just popping in to ask, since I am having a time getting tempered glass/crash glass around here. Where do you buy it, or do you have a favorite source for getting it free or cheap? I have called and stopped in to a few local glass shops and had no luck getting their cast offs, and although I can buy large sheets at a rehab shop in town, it is pricey and often too large to fit into my car.

So, where do you get yours, and do you have any advice? I am getting into "indoor" craft gear (just cleaning up and getting the garden tools in this weekend), and would really love to try it.



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I happened to stop by my local glass shop when they had just returned from replacing a sliding glass door and had not thrown out the broken glass yet. I think it's all about timing! You could take a plate of muffins in one morning and ask if they would call you if they ever have to do that OR you could put an ad in the paper...
Good luck!

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Pg I haven't yet tried my hand at tg and want to. So many other things going right now. Good luck in finding some. One member I remember suggested taking a pic of what you want to use it for so that they can see for themselves. It might work.

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A friend of mine works in autbody, he gave me a bunch of car windows. From what I've learned here it has to be the side windows not the windshield. They are slightly tinted so I'm not sure how it will look. I haven't used any of them yet, I'm kind of afraid to smash it till I have a project in mind to use all the glass.....so many projects, so little time....sigh.

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Thanks for the tips! I guess I will have to work my powers of persuasion. Muffins, huh? I will have to keep it in mind. I did post on Freecycle, but didn't get any solid leads. I never thought of a shower or sliding door- I see those all the time on Freecycle. I will have to see what pops up in the next couple of months. I have no idea how I am going to break it, though. ;-)
Maybe I will try craigslist next...

Happy creating, everyone! It has been sunny and 80 degrees here in Pittsburgh, so I have been out and about and not creating much. Gonna get cold soon, though...can't wait for the extra crafting time!

Thanks again,

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Hi, Jenny! Looks like you've gotten some good ideas on getting the glass, so I'll address the how to break issue. When I broke the car window I had, I wanted to keep larger pieces which could be broken smaller later if needed. To do it that way, I coated one side with white glue and let it dry thoroughly. Then I wrapped it in an old sheet and laid it on a table outside so that only 1 corner was hanging over the edge of the table. Tapped the narrow edge of the window with a hammer and had a blast watching and hearing it crackle for several minutes. Be sure to wear safety glasses! Since I was going to store the large pieces in a box, I cut thru the glue coat with an exacto knife and simply stacked the pieces with a layer of wax paper between them to make it easier to remove the larger sections later.


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Thanks, Pat- that sounds like a great way to do it! Is the white glue the kind like Elmers, or the kind that you use for mosaic adhesive? I know that they are different, and I have both, but I don't want to use the wrong one if there is a difference. Thanks so much for the tip...


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I came home one day to find that my neighbor had left me 3 patio doors!! I laid out pieces of cardboard/poster board and put the door on it to break. No glue - just had the cardboard underneath to transport. I agree with Pat. It's really cool to hear it pop and crackle - seems to go on forever.
Good luck!

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To use a brand name ;) - try Elmer's or any other inexpensive white glue. No need to use Mac - too $$ for this use. BTW, if you do coat the glass with glue, use it glued side down in your mosaic.


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