What is the best full replacement window?

AlberichOctober 14, 2011

In your humble opinion, can you please tell me what the best full replacement (construction) double hung window is for North Carolina?(long hot summers, winters can get in the teens).

> Vinyl is not an option.

> Must have interior that can be painted.

To date I have looked at Anderson Woodright, Lincoln, Marvin, Pella Architect, and am none the wiser. It appears all could have an issue, and installation makes all the difference.

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From those listed I would take Marvin and run from the rest. Marvin in my opinion is far and away the best wood window. You may want to look at Kolbe & Kolbe as the next step down in price. The correct glass package will also help make an incredible difference. What is you lot like, tree coverage etc, house to face what direction?

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I should have not lumped Andersen in with all the rest, they make a good product. I feel they would be the middle ground between Marvin,Kolbe and the others you mention.

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Thank you! I figured Marvin is a favorite, but came across a web-site the other day with 300 complaints about wood rot and poor customer service, so that kind of takes them down a notch. Unfortunately, it seems that all window companies have complaints--most I presume due to bad installations. Half of my house is in the shade all day facing North. I have only read a bit about Kolbe online--will need to visit a showroom to take a look.
Reading through this window forum I have found many posts advising to use "less famous" brands that offer a better product at a competitive price. However, very few actually mention names to look for. I wouldn't mind using a different brand, if only I could get a name!

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Windows on Washington

Loewen makes a great wood window if you are looking to expand your search and have a competitive offering to the Marvin.

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he complaints on the Marvins were from a long time ago, something about a painted exterior. If it makes you feel better, I replaced all my windows with Marvin ultimate casement replacements with metal outside and painted wood interiors. It was a huge job. Two weeks to install them all. I shopped windows for years before I decided on them.

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Marvin's issues were in the late eighties to early nineties when they produced a Flex-kron finish which was essentially a prefinished factory painted exterior. It turned out after settling millions of dollars in complaints that the finish itself was not the problem it was bad or faulty primer that was allowing the wood to rot from the inside beneath the surface of the paint. But after the disaster that became for Marvin in replaced windows and or frames as well as $ they decided not to produce a prefinished exterior wood window again.

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