V Kool Window Film

tkakaaOctober 3, 2008

If you are considering installing this brand on your windows esp in southern California look into it real GOOD! I have had mine 8 years now not only are all 6 of my dining room chairs faded but the film didn't last. I have contacted the company local office who sold it to me two months ago. Know what they had no record of the sale for $5000 you have to produce your original receipt and then the process starts. The salesman took a sample off my bedroom slider to have the film analyzed and after that I got one call that its been presented to corporate. Well now 3 weeks later that has not been approved for the reinstall fees so here I am with a film falling apart dealing with of coarse a new salesman who wasn't the original person. Its hot here in Palm Springs and this stuff is advertised all over our jazz radio station every time I hear it makes me just sick. I will post an update when and if this company stands behind there said so life time Warranty. Right now unhappy customer and waste of Big bank!

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The is only one manufacturer that I would purchase window film from and that is 3M. You should check into 3M Prestige Series Window Film. Sorry to hear about your problems.

I am in no way affiliated with 3M, but I have used their products in high-end commercial and residential settings and 3M always come through.

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Sorry to hear about your problem with the other company. I am the 3M Prestige Window Films Dealers for Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. If I can still help, please let me know.


Here is a link that might be useful: Sans Soleil Window Films

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