SHGC ? I want the heat to come thru in the winter.

angeezOctober 30, 2012

I am confused about what type of glass will work for us. We are in the process of ordering Marvin INfinity windows but I am afraid of the glass options. The low e 272 is what we just ordered but it looks like the SHGC is .30. Does that mean no barely any heat is going to come thru the glass in the winter? We have anderson casement right now that are 21 years old and I can feel heat come thru in the winter and I like it because it is warm. Is there a good SHGC value to look at that will let some warmth come in?


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Lowe 272 is a good compromise. However, if you are looking for passive solar, the better glass is lowe 180. Hopefully, you have protection in the summer months.

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+1. The 272 and SHGC around .30 is going to be a nice compromise and a very efficient option unless your home and its surroundings (landscaping etc) are designed to take advantage of a high solar gain package. You could also get into different packages on different sides of the home based on the circumstances, but again, the .30 will offer a nice balance for most homes in cooler climates.

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Low-e 272 is probably fine for your application.

Most people's homes are not set up to take full advantage of the passive solar anyway.

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thank you! I called called Anderson today to see if they could tell me what my current windows are because I do feel some heat from them and turns out they are very comparable to what we ordered. So should be about the same. THANKS again!

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LoE 180 is intended for passive solar heat applications. Whether it's right for your application depends on the specifics...

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