retro fitting non grounded receptacles

larry1987May 13, 2010

have a simple question: i would like to replace the old non ground receps in my 1955 house with grounded, three prong receps. each existing outlet box is metal and has a white and black entering the box but no green or bare wire. how would you suggest i install the new receps with 3 prongs? Should i use those "green clips" that attached to the side of metal boxes and that hold the bare wire which is then screwed onto the green ground screw of the new recep? what is the right way to go? thanks!! larry

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You need to determine if the box is actually grounded before you can use those clips.

You can use GFCI receptacles and not connect anything to the ground screw. You will be able to plug in three prong devices but they will still not be grounded.

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Or you can just replace the old 2-prong with new 2-prong.

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I assume you want a ground for the added safety. If so, your "ground" needs to be connected to an actual ground. It is not safe to assume that all metal boxes are grounded. If it is just a metal box in the wall, then that won't help at all.

If those boxes aren't connected to ground, you would need to run new cable to each outlet you want grounded.

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You can obtain nearly the same level of protection by using GFCI receptacles.

This is a code approved way to put 3-hole receptacles on a circuit without a grounding conductor.

Every GFCI receptacle comes with the required stickers.
The 'No equipment ground sticker' goes on the GFCI receptacle, while any downstream (load side of the GFCI) 3-hole duplex receptacles get the 'GFCI protected' AND a 'No equipment ground' stickers.

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