Anderson 100 vs Marvin Ultrex

soesoe75October 24, 2010

Hi there,

We are building a new home in Washington and had the Anderson 100 series Fibrex windows reccommended by our architect. However we wanted to consider upgrading to Marvin's Ultrex fiberglass windows.

We have 59 windows on our house, Anderson 100 series came in at $27K and Marvin Ultrex at $47K !!! I am shocked by the extreme price difference and wondered if anyone out there thinks this seems right? Unfortunately we can't justify or afford the extra $20K for Marvin and we're going to be going with the 100 series.


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You need to get some new pricing. No reason that the Marvin Integrity should be nearly $800 for new construction.

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+1 on windowsonwashington, something is not quite correct with that quote. Integrity is a basic line nothing super exotic product wise so the prices should not be that high.

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I'm going to get another quote!

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