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addiesueOctober 14, 2009

Hi everyone....I just wanted to share some pictures of my tree that I finally finished. We've been building a dining room for almost a year now and I've been working on creating a 3D 9 foot tree on my dining room wall. I may go back in at a later date and add some green glass leaves also but not sure yet. Do you think I should or do you think it would make it look to cluttered?


Here is a link that might be useful: 3D Wall Tree

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that is amazing, are those spot lights on the roof? I'd love to see it lit up at night.
It is perfect how it is now, but since I LOVE glass I'd put a few glass leaves here and there to add that jewelled look.
I just went back for another look, it really is beautiful.

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OMG this is beautiful! Please tell us how you created this? What is it made of? How long did it take you? Where did you ever get such an idea? I wish I had a place to put something like this. I just, absolutely love it.


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This is just amazing. I use that word in the old way, Not the common way we hear it much now. I am in awe of the imagination you have and the work and talent this shows. Yes please show how you made it.

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Thank you! I'm glad you like it. I was so afraid it might look tacky when I got it done and then I'd have a heck of a time chiseling it off! I'll probably end up trying some glass leaves later down the road only because I am such a glass nut. AND, I too like the twinkle it has when the light hits it. I think my tree still needs a little twinkle.

It was pretty easy to make but VERY messy! The tree trunk, branches, flowers, and flower leaves were made out of wall texture (mud) and newspaper. The tree leaves were made out of air dry clay and wall texture, and the silver ones are metal (I didn't make those). The textures on the leaves were made with a stamp and a carving tool. You probably can't see the leaf texture very well.

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I love this project! Did you take your idea and go straight to the wall or did you play around a bit with the materiaals you used to sculpt? Had you had previous experience with the wall texture (mud) and newspaper? These pictures are so remarkable. We winter in Texas and I am so sorry to leave all my "heavy" crafting materials at home. I usually make do with needle work but this looks like a fun experiment that could be done on a board or piece of drywall to be framed later......if it should turn out! If you have any hints or details you could add that would be amazing!

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I L.O.V.E. this!!! and to think this room has a peacock in the window too!!! WOW! LUV LUV LUV IT! I could see you painting the ceiling blue and the walls...yellow? How long did it take to finish this? I just love this forum for all the creative ideas!!! This is giving me ideas about the wall fountain I want to make. I knew I wanted to do something 2d-ish...

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ADDIESUE: Your tree is BEAUTIFUL!!!! IT's FANTASTIC!!!! I have been wanting to do the wall behind my vanity in the bathroom since we moved into to our new home. and I too want it to be a tree. I plan to have the mirror and lights in the middle of tree branches, much the same way you have done yours. I just haven't gotten it done yet. I plan to use broken slate for the trunk and glass and clay leaves. I plan for it to be a winter project this year (hope anyway). Anyway I love your tree!!!! How cool for you and your family to sit under the tree to eat every night!!! I love trees and nature and that is just too cool!! Grreat job girl!!!!!

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This is so wonderful. I too have some questions about the media.
Would you share where you got your info or what you did and how you did it?

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Wow Addiesue.... you really outdid yourself on that one. The tree is beautiful!

Donna in Florida

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Artglass...I love the idea of making an art piece that can be hung or displayed on its own. And, the texture, I'm sure would adhere to wood (it seems to stick to everything I DON'T want it to lol) but if you have any left over sheet rock from past construction that would work too. This was the first time I've played with the texture but I've used it on my walls and have wondered what else I could do with it...just how my brain Drives my husband If you do something on wood let us see it! I'm excited to see what you come up with!


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Thanks Calamity and yes, my Peacock door is just 4 ft to the left of the tree. I'm working now on mosaicing some french doors just off of the dining room. Are you going to do your fountain inside? You've got my mind workin' now girl....tell me more about your idea for your fountain.

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Cathy, thank you!...I think mosaicing a tree out of glass and slate would be BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to see it! Don't you live in Alaska? I lived in Fairbanks for 3 1/2 years...lots of beautiful nature to pick from if you're looking for something to model or use in your work. Want some help?? Fly me up sister and I'm there! lol.

Texasfern, Thank you and I wish I had a website or some instructional tutorial to refer you to but I don't...sorry. I just started toying with the idea of a tree and how to do it and then started playing with the materials directly on the wall. The trunk and branches are pages of newspaper coated with mud and then rolled like a cigar as tight as I could and then twisted like a rope. Then I'd coat it again with the mud and put it on my wall. After getting several pieces on the wall I'd then shape it with my hands until I got the shape and direction I wanted. The leaves are made with air dry clay, rolled out, stamped for texture, and then cut the shapes out with my carving tool and knicked the ends. Then I used mud as glue and place the leaves where I wanted them among the branches and the base boards. Hope this helps!


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Wowzer, talk about bringing the outside inside!!!!Quite creative too I might add. Nice medium, I'm impressed....

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Well, this just blew me away. I looked at it Saturday night when I arrived back in town. I just don't have words to describe my wonder and admiration. The tree trunk alone is something spectacular. I can't imagine tackling a project so involved. This took you some TIME!!! It is soooooooo - well - you see - can't come up w/a word good enough to describe it. Take a deep bow.

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Yes ADDISUE: I live in Kenai..actually I live North of Kenai in Nikiski, almost at the end of the road.....And we love it here!!!! And girl you are welcome anytime!!!! Bring a fishing pole!!! Great Salmon fishing here in the summer. And yes there is so much wonderful beauty here. I use a lot the land has to offer. Lots of birch bark and twigs, and the beach rocks and agates seem to find their way into many (well most) of my pieces. I'm going to try cutting birch rounds today to use in a abstract I'm working on. Only my second abstract but have been wanting to try another after my first turned out so well..We'll see about this one. Again your tree is sooo amazing. I have to wait til my hubby goes back to the slope to start on mine in the bathroom. We've got wood to split and stack and lots to put away before the snow flies. I would like to have it done before Christmas but we'll have to see. As I tell the grandkids wants don't always cut it around here!!!!

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Thanks Slow...and to everyone for all the nice compliments. You guys are the BEST when it comes to pumping up one's self

Cathy, I might surprise you one day...I'll be the one in the big hot pink parka and mukluks walking up your Wouldn't that be a hoot!


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I would love to join you gals, I too spent some time in Fairbanks. Would love to get back up there one day.
MMMMMMMM salmon!
I do have one more question. What is the mud you are refering to?

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Hey Texasfern....that sounds like fun! I love grilled salmon and halibut...yummmm! I always wanted to try my hand at salmon fishing but never got the chance. Maybe some day. Maybe Cathy can show us exactly how it's done.

The mud I referred to is actually white wall texture...the stuff troweled over the sheetrock after it's nailed up. It's real thick like paste and also pretty messy. Hope this helps!


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