How to support kitchen sink when you don't have a sink cabinet?

slc2053August 21, 2008

We have cabinets from and old kitchen that we've stripped and painted. They are in great shape and we're putting them in a U-shaped kitchen. The problem is that we don't have a sink base per se... but a false sink front with two doors that sits between the two base cabinets beside it. The faux sink base front is 33 inches wide.

Soooooooooooo, what do we do to be able to install a sink and then put granite on that??

Thanks to anyone with any ideas or suggestions..and any photos or "how to's" would be much appreciated!

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At the very least, you'll need a ledger strip against the wall to support the back of the counter. Hopefully the false front is structurally sound enough to support the front edge of the granite. If you've got that much then you've got essentially the same support structure that you'd have with a complete cabinet.

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jon1270..thanks for concern is support for the sink as well as the I need to build a support "inside" for the sink? Thanks!

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Well, there are a variety of ways you can support an undermount sink. Sometimes they get glued directly to the underside of the granite, sometimes they are fitted into a sheet of plywood that sits on top of the cabinets. I don't do a lot of kitchen work so I can't easily say which approach will be best for you, but I'd start by figuring out exactly where that sink need to be within the cabinet -- not just laterally but how far back from the front edge to allow a wide enough swath of granite in front, and how far away from the wall to allow room for whatever faucet you're using. Also, figure out whether your particular granite installation will need to have a layer of plywood underneath. Once you know where the sink needs to be, it shouldn't be too hard to imagine a structure that will support it in that position. I don't think there's a single correct way to do it.

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