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Elle1234October 13, 2012

I'm planning to replace 10 windows in my 1946 home MN home. I believe all of these windows are original to the house, as they are single pane, aluminum exterior and wood interior.

I'm looking to find a durable exterior construction of vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass. I'm trying to decide between a wood interior painted white, or a vinyl or fiberglass interior.

I have priced Marvin Ultimate Clad inserts, Marvin Integrity Fiberglass, Renewal by Anderson inerts, Simonton, and am considering Sunrise.

Not too certain about the vinyl interior, as it just doesn't look as good as the wood or fiberglass, in my opinion.

However...I also want something that holds up just as long as the windows original to this house, which is one reason I would look at vinyl. Should I consider another window choice - the Anderson 400 as it has a Vinyl exterior vs. the aluminum on the Marvin clad window?

Will a vinyl window always beat an aluminium clad or fiberglass window in the long run?

Is there any evidence to show the Renewal product can hold up for 20+ years?

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What do you like the look of and what will you be happy with?

If vinyl/vinyl is okay, you will not best a good vinyl windows performance with any of the other windows that you listed and certainly not anywhere near their price point.

If you were thinking non-vinyl family of products, I prefer fiberglass in that next position.

The Marvin Integrity is a very solid window and I would throw InLine into that comparison as well.

There is no advantage to the RBA window over fiberglass and wood clad is great but do not skimp on materials in this case. Marvin Ultimate is one of the best as it Kolbe & Kolbe and Loewen. Be prepared...these good wood units will come at a premium.

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The Sunrise is a solid window and the best performer of the bunch. the sunrise has a very narrow frame allowing for more glass but at the same time doesnt compromise structural integrity due to it having fiberglass sash reinforcement.

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Is there any Fiberglass window that fits better into an older home than Marvin Integrity? The Ultrex window seems to have a more 'modern' look that doesn't look as authentic with the existing woodwork.

Fiberglass seems to be less shiny to me vs. the Vinyl, so is a better fit in that way.

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i would look into InLine fiberglass windows

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The InLine has more "wood-like" construction and look than the Integrity as far as it pertains to that lift rail.

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