Disappointed in display model quality

alexh1000October 15, 2010

I went to look at some patio door display models and I was appalled at the lack of quality. The french door on display had 1/16" gaps at end of the some of the coped interior glass stops. Likewise, the muntins varied from tight to nearly 1/8" gap with the glass stops. In some areas the glass stops were loose/squeaky and moved easily with finger pressure!

Some of the muntins had weird grain that made them feel really rough and it looked like they had very little or no finish in some areas.

I happened to look at some paint grade arched moldings and they all had obvious mill marks.

What's going on here? I dabble in woodwooking and I have done cope and stick joints with router and with a little care and knowledge it can be perfect. I can't for the life of me understand why they would not be tight when made with computer controlled equipment. Perhaps the wood stock was not dried properly when milled - this is really basic woodworking practice!

I don't really want to say a brand name but they are middle of the road. It's sad what passes for quality nowadays.

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