linda46October 15, 2007


I've read through some old posts on reglazing, but I still need to ask a few things.

How important is it that all the steps be followed? I just want to redo the glazing on the outside of my windows on my 100 year old house. I fear the windows will fall out cause most of the old is gone.

There are storm windows on the house (the metal kind).

1. Do I really need to get EVERY bit of old glaze out, remove the window, coat with linseed, put a teeny bit in the window frame & then put the glass back in BEFORE anything?

It doesn't appear there was ever any glazing compound on the inside. This whole thing will take me forever, especially if you include waiting for 7-10 DAYS!!! and then painting them before putting the window back in? I'm a single mom with a wedding coming up next year, taking classes, and chauffeuring around my Boy Scout son.

Plus, I already started on the one in the bathroom - do I need to redo that one? The house has siding on the outside (not that that matters)

2nd question - the putty stuff doesn't seem to stick that well to the wood. Is there a trick to that? How fat a snake goes on the outside of the window?

I bet you're gonna say if I used the oil first it would stick better. But I do not want to scrape every teeny vestige of old putty out - I'm afraid I'll break the window. And that is no fun (scraping OR breaking)

Thanks for your help.


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It's a little late in the season to take on this job. The life of the repair is related to the prep work. You can take short cuts, but it will reduce the life of the repair. I would get as much of the loose ,hardened glazing out as I could. Prime the raw wood and reglaze. Paint as indicated. The storms should reduce thermal loss and rain damage in the meantime.

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The glazing does not hold the window in the frame, glazier points do that.

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Hi again,
Well, I finished the one window from the bathroom - it's sitting on my dining room table. The window came out of the frame very easy, and I thought with all the rain it would be better to do it inside - besides I can work on it as time allows that way.

I know it's late, but until I lost my job a couple of weeks ago, there wasn't any time. And this makes me feel like the time off will be good for something.

Even inside - it's taking a long time to dry - the glazing stuff still feels cold & damp.

So, you think I should wait till next spring to work on the rest of the windows? Wedding preps will be in full swing then. What if I only do the ones I can bring inside - and stop when it gets really cold? I won't even try to do the top halves because these are not double hung windows.

My bedroom window feels like it will fall apart when I try to close it. I have to be careful & push down on it at the top of the window by the lock.

I appreciate both of your replies and am very glad to have found these forums. There is so much to learn here.


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