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db54October 12, 2013

Recently have had a disaster with a bay window that was mfg'd by Slocomb - 7700 series (7321 picture window & 177 dbl hung) which is a bay (a picture window with a dbl hung on each side).

The first install went great but the window was a nightmare; one of the dbl hungs when unlocked opened itself as the baffles were not set properly. The other dbl hung would not close without pulling the top sash down. Even then it was nearly impossible to lock.

Installation company thought better about following the suggestions of bringing a hair dryer & pry bar to replace the baffles esp with the other one also malfunctioning..

So up comes replacement bay. No mfg sticker as the one depicted from the 1st one. Caulking outside was terrible & there appears to be adjustment bolts for something but the plastic plug didn't fit (bore hole/plug not sized right). Lastly, the latch on the dbl hung seems to be off on the right one and it catches the top sash pulling it downward. The vinly snap ons required the installer to put caulking in the corners to hold them in place as when the bottom sash was closed the vinly came down 2/3" with it.

The other dbl hung when closed also pulls the top sash down with what appears to be a 1/16" that I can push back in. The installer indicated it could also be the interloc system catching and suggested making an adjustment, however I said why do I need to make any adjustments?

I've checke the energy ratings with the FNRC and they tie out to the current dbl & picture although it indicates w/grids and the ones installed have no grids (by request) but when I contacted slocomb as I didn't see a brochure on this window they indicated they don't have one.

A mfg'er rep is suppose to show up shortly along with a representative from the installer as imo this window is also defective due to workmanship and defective material amongst other things.

Does anyone have any insight into this product quality & reliability? Not having a brochure/product guide leaves me to wonder what additional questions I ought to be asking. What would one suggest in terms of acceptable "adjustments", if any and how does one know they will stay working?

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Don't have experience with the product, but it sounds like installation is at least part of the issue. Bay windows are pretty high level installs, particularly with double hungs. I really don't even like to sell bays with double hungs because they are always a major pain.
Getting a rep from both the install company and manufacturer to come out sounds like the right course of action--- together if possible since they undoubtedly will blame one another.

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It was interesting to watch! is an update on slocomb from another perspective.

They acknowledged that the sash was having problems with the vinyl covers. The Mfg Rep then proceeded to use a knife to cut the vinyl. He referred to it as "tricks" which is just what a consumer likes to hear. On the other sash he added some screws to provide more resistance. Unfortunately, the window now needs considerable "elbow grease" to open.

Then we have this recent discovery on the sash internal seam. Seems to me there ought not to be any gaps as illustrated in the same sash other side and even the bottom of the sash that has these gaps.

There was an additional problem found during the installation on the ouside that the installers were suppose to come back and fix in November. Haven't seen them since which is about what they can expect regarding the balance.

This is not a window I would recommend..

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