Window Bid-American Jewel- Northern VA

onoble1October 22, 2010

Looking to replace vertical sliders with double hung American Jewel. My question is whether there is anything missing in the quote?

The proposal received from a highly rated contractor on Washington Checkbook is:

Labor warranty is for one year and after that there's a trip charge of 40.00.

Windows warranty is lifetime and covers all operating parts, cracking, discoloration, warping, moister in between glass and is transferable up to

15 years to new owner.

N.F.R.C.RATING American jewel series 3000.


SOLAR HEAT GAIN COEFFICIENT . 29 with grids . 26

VISIBLE TRANSMITTANCE .54 with grids . 48

American Jewel windows and series to be 3000. 10 windows to be double-hung windows All windows to have welded sash and master frame. All windows to have foam filled master frame, foam filled sash rails, interlocking sashes, lock and tilt package, 7/8 insulated glass, double stregnt glass, vent latches on double-hungs, dura-lite spacer, half screen, cam lock and foam wrap on jambs. All windows to have low "E", krypton and argon. Exterior capping to be done in p.v.c. Coil stock and color to be bright white. Exterior caulking to be done in a bright white silicone. Interior caulking to be done in bright white. All jobs related debris to be cleaned up and hauled away.

10 double-hung windows to have grids in between glass.

Double-hungs to have tempered glass in lower sash if with in 18 inches of floor. Adds $85.00 per window.

Total quote is for $4,125.00 which seems very reasonable.

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So the windows have both krypton AND argon in a double pane? Do you have to shake them up once in a while to keep the 2 gases mixed? I noticed the "highly rated" contractor also uses cheap foam wrap supplied by the factory. I wouldn't expect that a "highly rated contractor" would use silicone caulk on the exterior. Most contractors use quad caulk even if they aren't highly rated. I would not recommend PVC trim coil. The G-8 coil from Alside is much better and won't hold pollen and dirt the way PVC will.

Interesting that you say the windows will have tempered glass if they are within 18 inches of the floor but don't specify how many or what size they are or if only the bottom sash would be tempered. It is also likely not required by code unless other factors are present.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Not a very good window. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that is the truth.

+1 on Sky's recommendation for an enamel coil and Quad.

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Thanks Sky and WoW.
The gas mix- don't know logic in that.

The 18" rule from floor- yes just lower sash is tempured. Most of my windows are either 34x64, 38x59, 38x67. 2 in the living room of TH are less than 18" from floor.- none else.

I've read a post elsewhere regarding quality of the hardware/sash had decreased some years back (2007?)and that they had stopped carrying the brand because of these concerns. That being said, what would you recommend to be comparable but better quality in the $400-$500/window range? I'm replacing my current windows now due to fogging and the mechanics of the windows are breaking apart (i.e. some type of spring dropping out or shooting up), windows falling out of the tracks and hard to get back into tight fit where they shut. So obviously need decent frames/mechanics in addition to energy efficiency.
Can you make some recommendations? Thanks again.

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I like Simonton, Okna, PGT, Softlite, Sunrise and Gorell. PGT will probably be the most affordable.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

18" from the floor does not necessitate the bottom sash to be tempered automatically.

Most window sales people do not know the code very well because it is not their money.

Sky's recommendations on brands is a good list.

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American Jewel is a window for the price sensitive consumer, not someone looking for quality. They are made in NJ and alot of " cheapest price contractors" use that window. I also see alot of cops and fireman that do construction " on the side" use that window as well.
They are better than a window you will find at home depot or lowes but still, i cannot use them. I saw their window earlier and the frame was flimsy and the window was not well engineered and have a high air leakage rate.
I agree with the poster above about soft lite, okna, and sunrise being much better choices, he also mentioned siminton; the 5500 and 9800 are ok but thats it. Not that big of a fan.

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